ISO BUster v1.1 !!

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ISO BUster v1.1 !!

Messagepar Ange Gabriel » 23 Sep 2002 9:19

ISO Buster v1.1 est dispo...

Help file integrated in installation
F1 for help
New languages : Galician, Turkish, Farsi
Improvement for DVD+R open session (length detection)
Improvement for CDRW formatted track (length detection)
Improvement for reserved tracks (No File System scanning)
UDF (By Direct CD) is now also found in open DVD+R, DVD-R sessions
Compensation for UDF conflict against the specifications (Bug by InCD)
Compensation for UDF conflict against the specifications (Bug by Padus, files > 1 GB)
Registration dialog accepts slightly wrong IDs and Serials to make it easier.
Added raw data extraction from image files that contain less data (IsoBuster adds EDC/ECC)
Improvement for extraction of M2F2 mpg video from none raw image files.
Small changes in the UDF engine, getting ready to implement some cool scanning routines.
Improvement for *.cif end of file detection.
Some complex UDF layouts were not always displayed in the right pane (TreeView object)
Rock Ridge file names were sometimes ISO9660 File names (so, no long file names)
CD-i directories not always detected as directories but seen as files.
Rare crash during mounting UDF file-system (I don't think anybody ever noticed ?)

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