Padus Disc Juggler Proffessional Edition v4.01.1026 !!

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Padus Disc Juggler Proffessional Edition v4.01.1026 !!

Messagepar Ange Gabriel » 17 Oct 2002 10:07

Pour le D/L ça se passe ici :

Major update

Added optimum write strategy control technologies such as Plextor's PoweRec/PoweRec-II, Ricoh's JustSpeed, and Yamaha's OWSC.
Added maximize quality technologies such as Plextor's VariRec and Yamaha's Audio Master/Audio Master HQ.
Added bootable DVD support.
Added ID3v2 support.
Added 44x speed (CD) writing support.
Added drive assignment tool for autoloader versions.
Added option to simplify autoloader printing options.
Changed default L2 cache size from 4 seconds to 12 seconds for multiple drive licenses.
Fixed problem of wrong disc size estimation in pre-mastering tasks.
Fixed problem of DVD image verification failure.
Fixed problem where loading a .CDJ file would result in a disabled task interface.
Fixed problem for all Toshiba DVD-ROM drives when mounting double-layer media.
Fixed problem of buffer under-run at end of full erase for DVD+RW drives.
Fixed problem where combo drives would not be detected as valid CD writing drives.
Fixed problem with Print Only jobs with autoloader versions.

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